I Don't Understand That Reference

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why is it socially acceptable for guys to sag their pants all the way down to their knees but if a girl shows a little bit of her bra it’s hOLY SHIT YOU FUCKING SLUT SHAME ON YOU WOW THAT’S SO NOT CLASSY LET’S DRESS CODE YOU IF YOU EVER DO IT AGAIN I’M CALLING YOUR PARENTS AND DISHONOR ON YOU DISNHONOR ON YOUR FAMILY DISHONOR ON YOUR COW 

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when you’re at a new friend’s house and u too shy to ask for foodimage

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Some things you should remind yourself daily

  • Your tummy is great
  • You have really nice legs
  • You have a really beautiful face
  • Your hair looks rad
  • You’re good enough
  • Your body is 100% normal and acceptable.
  • It’s yours and you should decorate it how you want
  • You’re hella cute

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*dies trying to hit the high notes in Chandelier*

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